Choosing a Graphic Designer For Your Business To Elevate Your Brand


How To Choose The Right Designer

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Choosing the Right Graphic Designer - Uncover

You’ve decided you need to hire a graphic designer to work with your business. Maybe you want to rebrand to make your business is more competitive. Maybe you’re just starting out and need a decent logo, or maybe you’re an established business who needs new marketing materials, print products, or digital marketing and design services.

In any case, you’ll need to start looking for a designer who’s right for you. A good designer will have the proper project management tools and resources they can utilize in order to enhance your experience with them, and they will allow you to provide them feedback on your projects.
How do you start? We asked our designers at Uncover Creative for their input. Here they are, in their own words.

What should a client look for when choosing a graphic designer?

How the designer brands him or herself is a great start. From there, assess the designer’s full breadth of capabilities. A solid online portfolio is usually a good indicator of a good designer. How much knowledge do they have of print production methods? Is the designer abreast on current design trends? The client should always keep in mind that the price of bad design is costlier than the price of good design.
Choose a design agency that you can work with for all of your needs and requirements so they understand your brand and provide you with everything under one roof. Ideally, the designer you choose should focus on customer service and help you grow your business.

What kind of research should they do?

A good place to begin is to review designer portfolios and research the designer’s capabilities (web development, branding, print knowledge, animation, etc.). It also helps to speak with other clients who have worked with the design company so you can get solid reviews about their experience. You can even have a phone call with the company and “interview” them to see if they are a good fit for your business!

How will a client know if a designer is a good fit for their project?

Hiring a designer is always a risk. If the designer conducts him or herself in a professional manner, is eager to work with the client, is flexible in your needs, exhibits a sound understanding of the craft, and is responsive, then those are all indications of a potentially good fit.

Have you ever hired a graphic designer to work with your business? What advice, if any, would you add here?

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